The Beginning of Something Beautiful(ish)…

I have been writing about theatre in different capacities for over a decade now; it’s my oldest and dearest love.

Having recently been swallowed by the wonderland that is Twitter, and having seen the myriad of engaging and passionate blogs out there, I’ve felt compelled to join in.

So, what can you expect from The Absent Reviews?

I am a true advocate of Fringe Theatre. The dedication, the ingenuity, the fight and passion of these badland companies truly excites me; they are the blood and organs of The Beast. So, a lot of what I write about is for them and about their work.

I am also an (amateur) theatre historian. The ancient theatres of Greece, Asia and Europe are a wonder to me and I love looking for ancestral glimmers of these practices in contemporary work. If the winds are blowing, I might write a little essay or two on the most weird and wonderful from Theatre’s illustrious past.

My first quest is taking me north of The Wall and on to The Edinburgh Fringe, where I will be prospecting for awesome. Who else is heading up? let me know! 

I want to thank you for visiting this site; I hope you return again. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and criticisms as your heart delights.

If you would have me see your show, every invitation is fully appreciated.

To keep in touch, follow me on Twitter (@AbsentReviews) or use ‘#AreTheyIn’ – I will be on it like flies on fruit. Follow4Follow and all that jizz.

All the best and Big Love to you all,

The Absent Reviewer

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