The Absent Reviews (@AbsentReviews) began as a platform for active theatre professionals to write anonymously about theatre. Our contributors write about their hopes and fears for The Industry, about the socio-political importance of theatre, and review the work of their peers.

There are few allies left; we hope to gather as many as we can and provide a diverse and multi-faceted team of passionate writers who can keep fringe theatre at the forefront of our cultural landscape.

Our policy on fringe reviews is a simple one; we will happily come and see any and all productions we can. We will happily endorse and support those we admire. Those we do not, we will leave to their own devices; as if we were never there. We don’t write bad reviews on fledgling theatre. It’s hard enough for young companies to find their voice and their audience, we have no intention of making it harder. Any company interested in hearing our thoughts privately can request them; we will send them via email.

However, well-established companies can expect an honest appraisal, for better or for worse.

About The Absent Reviewer:

The Absent ReviewerI am a theatre professional who works around the murky badlands of London’s fringe.

I write reviews and blog about theatre’s underbelly and its ancient past.

Nothing is boring.

-The Absent Reviewer

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